"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Saturday, December 8, 2012

*facepalm moment

There isnt anybody who doesnt know her: the iconic Nicole Kidman ! And this incidently is one of her most iconic looks on the red carpet. Now anybody who doesnt ogle at this picture of hers...i believe has no hair-issues.
Now to remind those of you who havent already heard of my plight of being thrown onto a different planet,i have managed to land myself on this pecularly bent over continent called Australia,where much to my horror,every single girl looks likes this(or almost). Case rested.

Now to enumerate the situation: i look something like this- (hair-wise)

My hair would simply refuse to accept order of any kind and would remain disarrayed and engage in very frequent riots among themselves.
Also i do not belong to the club of the ones "favoured by god's themselves" like our very own Soha ali khan who can manage to sail away any crappy day on the sole plank of her very gifted hair.

Being a punjabi,i have long hair and not being able to cut/trim them i am required to wear them straight. I dont deny that chic-straight hair are the all-time classy look of the lot. But to be able to achieve it and furthermore to maintain it,is a herculean task my folks. So thus i embark upon a journey where i gear myself up with the armamentarium in my quest to achieve sheer-straight-blondie look. 

I use various methods from iron-pressing my hair while keeping them under folds of newspaper to applying hair gels to very modern means of variety of hair straighteners to the recent rebonding. I also explicitly remember this one time when i tried using aloe-vera gel on my hair and drying it to achieve the kidman-look aforementioned. Many a times i would wash my hair and wont lie or sit with my hair against any surface to achieve the desired result. My hair would be the Untouchables,up until the very moment when the curtains dropped following an applause..not a second before that !

But whatever i do,i never managed to achieve the quality and style of our very own 'chinkis' here. I would like to mention that our chinese (or mongolian origin) friends here are the pioneers in hair caring and styling in this part of the world,where even their kids look like they have spent half of their day in hair saloon. So thats where i started concentrating my energies on,to find a suitable candidate of mongolian origin with hair as pristine as the Goddess Venus herself. There,on her doorstep would i find the fix to my maladies. And the Goddess Venus,i did find.

She chose to materialize in a departmental store. Dressed in the loveliest shade of ivory,with long burgundy tresses falling over her shoulders i could see her gliding towards me. I had a million questions to ask her,a million answers that i seek. No sooner i had begin explaining my plight,much like a long lost traveller asking for directions,that i realized she couldnt understand anything that i was saying. Damn you language barrier. After an year or so it seemed when i finally managed to explain to her, half in actions and half in single words spoken aloud,she smiled and said: 'ohh,u neeed sit'rate air..no probl'en use son'seelk'. She might have been speaking alien-language for all i cared but seeing my lost gaze still fixed upon her,she made me follow her to the counter and to my wonderment showed me : 

our very own sunsilk ! Aaargh was it that easy !

*post written as entry to Sunsilk contest for Indiblogger.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry in Melbourne

A new blog post after a long sabbatical.

Inspite of my promises and vows to self of always always being able to find time for blogging no matter what, hustle of a new city did squeeze out time,energy and effort to turn to my dear digital dairy.
Confessions made. Remedy starts.

And just when i was in dire need of something to motivate me to write,i catch up this Indivine contest. Shifting base to a new country is a bit of a culture shock,and i found all my expensive indian wardrobe to be utterly useless here. So when i was frantically hoping to find something nice and light i tumble on to ShoppersStop (http://www.shoppersstop.com).

I was besides myself in delight to find a wide range of festive wear ! Not just ethnic but also a collection of dresses,just as easily for me to grab ! Keeping in mind the new country and life here i go for this elegant piece of single dress by Lifestyle in blue.

Dress from Lifestyle

What attracts me is not just the exquisite cowl neck-line but also the tie-belt that accentuates the waist and furthermore i instantly fell in love with the pockets that dab just a pinch of 'casual' to a rather suave ensemble.

earrings by 'Infinity'
Cherry on the cake was a set of divine ear-rings by Infinity in sapphire blue. My dream comes true !
Furthermore to splurge on christmas i go on and buy a matching pair of 'infinity-bracelet' that were (hold-your-breath) 20% off ! My christmas came on early Santa ! hallelujiaah !!!

Peep toes from Haute curry

To complete the look i teem it up with Haute curry Peep toe in chic brown and a bejewelled Elliza Donatein clutch and voila i am all set for sunny christmas in Australia. And i didnt lose the jingle in my pocket too :)

Elliza Donatein Clutch

ShoppersStop.com - Wills Lifestyle Womens Cowl Neck Dress: Wills Lifestyle Womens Cowl Neck Dress
ShoppersStop.com - Infinity Earring - 92423RM: Infinity Earring - 92423RM
ShoppersStop.com - Infinity Bangle -044547RM: Infinity Bangle -044547RM
ShoppersStop.com - HAUTE CURRY - Womens Evening Peep Toe:HAUTE CURRY - Womens Evening Peep Toe
ShoppersStop.com - Elliza Donatein Clutch - IREXCL: Elliza Donatein Clutch - IREXCL

This post is written as an entry to 'Shoppers stop perfect look contest' by Indiblogger (http://www.indiblogger.in)


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