"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Friday, September 21, 2012

What makes a person so irresistible to you that you would be drawn to him/her constantly. Like a distant chime of a bell-tower you know you need to go there. You need to drink from that pool ! You need to wash yourselves of all the mindless useless things you had been doing for a couple of days/weeks/any period of time ! Call it love ! n'aaah that's too strong a word. Or too light,may be...who knows ! We dont love a person,we love certain traits. I say traits because they might or might not be qualities,per se. I happen to love integrity. Integrity. Sounds a very heavy-duty stuff. Right ? I didnt know or understand the real meaning of the word up until a few days back,let alone have known that i could love someone for that. Nothing draws me more to a man than his integrity. There it is. Having said it,i also admit that i havent met many men of integrity. Till late i used to believe that it was honesty. I guess it isnt. Integrity is honesty combined with the virtue of being whole,undivided,pure. It isnt easy to be around such people. And so i guess there arent many such people left around. As parents,teachers,siblings and peers we society have always strived to crush it like a dangerous monster.One to be feared,not nurtured.We have done a pretty darn good job at strangulating them,suffocating them and finally eliminating them.

Pity. Have you ever felt it? That cripple on the railway platform that hasent washed himself in ages. That lady dressed in tatters with a cachexic child sellling (or trying to sell) something that nobody virtually needs. That boy cleaning the floor of the railway coach with a piece of cloth that doubles as his shirt. Do you feel pity for them? I dont. And i feel anger for anyone who looks at them with this sight that smears pity on their faces. Why? Why and how dare we feel pity for an another human being !! Give what you have. But not because you feel pity for them,but because act of giving itself is a great pleasure. Give not for them,but for your own sake. 

No idea why i had to write all this up. I dont even care if anyone finds time to read it,understands it or even tries to understand it. Just like the act of giving,i had to write this not for anyone,but for me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Passion. Meaning. Belonging. Pain...a gut wrenching one !...a pain borne out of love.

Ever experienced any of it ? It takes lots of misery to be able to understand these words. To grasp their knowledge,in individuality as well as in entirety. A love so strong and deep that not only it pulls you to it,but also it repels everything and everone away from it.

Passion,that makes you want to cut out your innards if that's what it would take to satisfy it. I am surprised if anyone feels that way sometimes. And i wonder how do they live with themselves if they dont !

To live with the world: easy. Hard task master is the one who knows to live with himself.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nice,right !

I loved the way it is so easily contemplated ! Not that i havent read something like this before,but its just that the way it ends... is so amusing ! All our life depends on our 'perception' !

Why do we think that our problems,our situations will not change for good? How can our problems be permanent when even our life isn't ! It matters a lot where do we seek solace when our minds are troubled. I dont find it any wise to depend on people,sooner or later everyone gets busy with their lives and the feeling of being left behind is certainly not elating. Developing a hobby that can take our minds off the situation is best. I tried painting,i cant paint anymore now. But that's ok,it helped me while it lasted. Reading is less of a hobby but is rather like a necessity with me,and i fully intend to keep it that way.

The people we relate to,talk to,play an equally important role. Since i have found myself around people who have a positive and lively approach towards life (eg my hubby) it has also had some calming effect on me. This hen does not gets it feathers ruffled for anything in haste now :)

Life's to be savoured,not devoured. Rushing into things is one matter,but resolutely performing things is totally another game. I am changing myself from former to latter. On the reading front i am reading a rather boring and 'badly constructed' Robert Cook,but once i start off with a thriller,there's no stopping me. I have to know the end.. absolutely....yeah that's right ! uff i despise the day i started it. Waiting to switch onto some inspirational read !

I hope we all could see and realize with what a pleasure had our lives started and it is upon us to keep that pleasure alive. To feel the spark in every moment is our obligation.
Peace and joy for everyone around. Good night.


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