"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where the hell are we headed !

I Don't think so i have come across any picture as disturbing as this in the recent past. What does this one says ? What emotions does this picture evoke in you ? Anger ? Disgust ? Sadness ? Grief ?
Not any of these in me. To be honest as soon as i set my eyes on it,a silent prayer escaped my lips for the girl/victim here. And the very next emotion was 'pity'.

I pity not the victim but the culprits. I feel sorry for the level those people had descended to,to have performed this heinous act. I feel sorry for their tormented and demonised souls,cause they untouched by the love of both the God and humans would suffer many folds of what they made this poor girl go through.

And almost immediately i felt pity fir the person who had designed this picture. His intentions no doubt were well placed but he paved the wrong path there. The way he has called upon all the "Indians" and asked us to stop supporting (whatever he means by that) the group of people responsible for it,it doesn't call for the support,but instead churns hatred and in turn evokes distrust,animosity and disgust.

How easy it is to alienate people in times today. Our country,our people-take care of them,let others go to hell. Within this country we divide on the lines of religion,i am hindu so i will help out only hindus,muslims are supposed to be hated and shoved down to the gutters. Then comes caste,i am a yadav,so i will help only a yadav and do some great favor for my community. Next comes state,i am a marathi,so i will not give a job and hence a chance to just livelihood to a bihari. Where is the end to this nonsense ! I have got fucking tired of all this.

As an Indian i am supposed to take great pride in my country,when i talk about it there should be a sense of belonging in my heart ! But then i look towards Egypt,i see Tahrir Square happening there and i find injustice happening towards the female sex everywhere...irrespective of the boundaries of nations,religions or caste ! And suddenly i feel more connected to those people than i ever feel for the corrupt and greedy "fellow-countrymen" who are busy amassing wealth and power all laden with nepotism and red-tapism ! How the hell can i feel connected to them !

A certain honest hard working IPS is brutally murdered on duty,by and on the orders of the people who belong to the same country that he died serving. Yes i am proud of him,the fallen hero of India-Narendra Kumar. But a fortnight later still no action has been taken against perpetrators of the crime and seriously doubt that there would be one. Can i direct my hatred to some 'just' channel here ! Who the hell gave us the right to hate people from some other country then. Look into yourself mister,you are fill of the same filth that you fling at others.

Then again who's to be blamed ! It's the way we have been brought-up. Little boys even in such innocuous events as a cricket match are made to hate pakistanis. They mindlessly hurl curses and abuses and instead of rebuking this act,we ignore and in some shameless cases even encourage it. That's where we are heading. War,war and more wars. "Wars are hell" you have got to sit up and take notice of this when these are the words of a soldier. Gen William Sherman who fought the american civil war quoted this and it is the cardinal fact. All wars are hell,all wars take away the loved ones on the both side of the control lines. For every mother who wails in India at the loss of her son and the life support there is also some pakistani mother who is going through the same ! Is her grief any lesser than the turmoil of "our martyr's mother" ! No..it isn't. How much more time we need to realize this !

My sister's husband who is serving in the Indian Army once narrated a very important and amusing incident about the kind of relationship between the soldiers on the either side of control line during his posting on pakistan border in kashmir. Soldiers from both the sides talk to each other,they share jokes,laugh. Indian soldiers would some times involve in such playful banters like 'hey,if your chickens cross the control lines,we would have them for dinner,rite?' Likewise when the pakistani post would get orders from high-up to start shooting they would inform the indians to go inside the bunkers,prior to start shooting. That is the life,that is the true world. Not the world where we are writhing in hatred and anger.

"Hate the sin,not the sinner" e..v...e...rybody has heard these words by St Augustine. But have we ever paid attention to them ? My advice-it is the time to do it. I hate the corruption and red-tapism in my country but i can appreciate and support some just cause in an another country. Is that wrong ? Global citizenship is taking shape and the concept is fast becoming reality in front of our own eyes. My appeal- Please please stop hating the people by the divides of country,religion,cast or even families. All humans where made in the likeness of God. He didn't mark the borders of the countries. He doesn't makes,cares and brings into this world a hindu child any different from a muslim or a christian. In effect we are all small souls,all part of that same bigger soul.

I would just end this post with the three most effective and powerful words God has gifted us to live by. Think about them.

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