"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's me...

There's this awkward feeling,when you maintain calm amidst a storm. And i love that feeling,for a moment or two  only may be but it makes me feel so confident and positive about me and everything else. I know very shortly there would be some hard core thinking to do and some very important decisions to make,but it's weird i am feeling relaxed ! See we are bothered when we are sad,and we are bothered even if we are not bothered about anything anymore ! Pffew...what the hell are we ! :)

So because this is a random post i will just write randomly. Take things one at a time. Be kind to yourselves..you owe atleast that much to you. It is your responsibility to keep yourselves happy,if you cannot,nobody can. Treat yourselves to some good music,good food (try cooking it yourselves),good ride and some good exercise. Treat your body with love and respect. You are bound to feel good.

I have been reading and watching some blogs,considerably young people and explosively talented,i must say ! I feel dwarfed in the world of blogger. There are so many awesome bloggers. Some write beautifully and they like write about everything that happens to them. Makes me feel,i too am having all those experiences with them. Was particularly offset one day and stumbled upon a blog with beautiful pictures....pictures of mountains....mountains like i have never seen before. Siddharth was his name i guess. Just the simple act of seeing his blog was a blessing to me. It took me to altogether different place. Place where i had always wanted to go.

I love the honesty in people's blog. I don't want to read any fancy blogs with hundreds of followers and no soul in writing ! When i write,i pour my heart out,not thinking of anything else. Fancy and pretty photoblogs i had seen many,those pictures seemed to be taken with the purpose of posting them on the blog. And when you do something for a selfish purpose,nature misses out on you. Every artist,whether writer or photographer has to be honest with his work,only then a part of our soul gets attached to the art.

Someone from australia had brilliant pictures on his blog,mighty honest too ! Made me want to own a DSLR of my own. Seek for the beauty around you and it will then flow into you. So a good camera is definitely on my wish list. Want to go travel and visit places. Not for the purpose that it sounds cool,just want to experience something different and this time i am going with my cam.

the movie precious

Once in a while watch some good movie. I watched "Precious" this afternoon,not as good as my last watch "The Artist" but makes me realize how important it is to have the will to keep my head above water all the time. Be happy and thankful for what you have. And better things are sure to follow. And one more thing that the movie made me think a lot about is our need to be loved by someone ! Every girl, accept it or not, has a dream to be loved by someone like a princess. Every girl has dreamt of being a movie star,a pop singer or a fairy tale cinderella at some or other time in her life. Don't deny anyone this right..the right to be loved. The physical form is such a shallow parameter of defining who is beautiful and who is not. Be kind,be loving.

kal ke andhero se nikal ke
dekha hai aanke malte malte
phool hi phool zindagi bahar hai
tae kr liyaa aa aa aaaa
Aj fir jeene ki tamanna hai
aj fir marne ka irada hai

On my way back from gym the song inadvertently brought to the surface something that could not be explained in mere words. A caged soul can still think of flying...and who knows when the wish turns to will and the will to reality !

जुर्रते-इंसान पे तो तादीब के पहरे रहे 
फितरते-इंसान को कब ज़ंजीर पहनाई गयी !

(जुर्रते-इंसान : man's will to carry out actions
तादीब : discipline,law
फितरते-इंसान : man's nature,thoughts)


palak said...

ds post of u really helps smwher or da othr to kill da negative vibes n give birth 2 brand new positivity :)loved it :)

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

Exactly what i am planning to do palak...enough with the self pity and lolling in the misery,it's the newer stronger me :)
p.s your profile pic is so lovely !

palak said...

awww thanx a ton fr da compliment.n dats a gr8 decision of urs hav faith :).keep writing,keep visting! :)regards


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