"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Monday, March 12, 2012

Courage matters

I have always been put off by cowards. It's really hard for me to appreciate,like or love someone who doesn't even have courage to stand up for himself. Braveheart-what's stopping us from being one ! And then again courage is a lot more than being brave. It is very important to understand the difference. Bravery for me has been associated with knights,generals and soldiers; it holds an element of pomp and show, whereas courage is defined by a lot more than that.

Courage shows in the little things in life. Being ready to help someone when others think it's a bad idea. I remember stopping my car at a roadside and helping up a guy in a bike accident a year back,when none of the pompous carwallas bothered to do that. I was alone,may be it could have been a bad idea,but who cares,certainly not me. What others think as a bad idea i think is just an excuse for their sorry souls. Very often on my way to work i do offer lifts to anyone in dire need or emergency. I don't do that blindly but nevertheless i do it. Courage is not mere acting upon when one notices something wrong happening,but also the will to do the right,even when there isn't any obligation for it.

Courage is also in standing up for what one thinks is right,or should be upholded. If i find a certain idea or methodology that doesn't suit my sense and understanding i would put forward my view openly. Doesn't matter if my parents or family don't think likewise. I agree they have loads of experience to back them,they might also turn out to be right eventually,but i find it hard to just sit and swallow anything and everything being shoved down my mouth. So i speak. There isn't anything against speaking out,unless we do that in a way that is always respectful and receptive.

Just want to mention here a couple of headlines:

" I gave a diamond to MP Govt,they gave me a dustbin of ashes" Words of a proud but grieving father of the Braveheart IPS officer Narendra Kumar. Behold the parents who had borne such a son. Slain by mining mafia he is survived by his pregnant IAS officer wife. I am sure he has made his family proud. Their could be no greater honor for a father to be remembered as a braveheart by his son.

Keenan Santos, 24, and Reuben Fernandez, 29, will not just be remembered for how they died but also how they lived.
The duo from Amboli, Mumbai, was murdered by a gang of four, who were offended when their attempt to eve-tease was resisted on the night October 20. Family, friends and well-wishers, and the numbers are swelling, of the two bravehearts from Amboli are now fighting for justice.

For a long time i sat reading this news piece,re-reading the lines "will not just be remembered for how they died but also how they lived." What more honor than dying a death of a braveheart ! 

Eve-teasing ! In ladko ko in jhagdo me padne ki kya zarurat thi ! Dekho maar diya na -People would say...not me. They stood up for what they thought was right and that is what really matters. It is the need of the hour to stand up for something,to believe that our conscience does matter. Try to scrap out the courage buried deep underneath the muck of what we had been taught and cultured to believe right. No it is not right to be a coward. No it is not right to shut up and keep mum if your inner voice speaks otherwise.

What's the point of earning a life in years if you lose respect in your own eyes. Do not force your heart and mind to confirm to someone else's ideas of what a happy and fulfilling life means. Life is not in the degrees one has amassed neither in one's salary package nor in the pricey possessions. Life is in cultivating the land of your soul with the right seeds. The fruits of which might not be visible to others...but they would make this journey worthwhile for you.


Saurabh Verma said...

Salute 2 martyr..!! A sub-divisional police officer was crushed to death by Mining mafia nd culprits are being protected by the political powers. Senior Officials Saying dat it's an Accident, Disgusting..!!

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

Thanks saurabh,sad what our country has been reduced to ! People are murdered for being honest and patriotic. Politicians have become the most hated and corrupt lot of all.


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