"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Friday, February 24, 2012


I have handfuls of new's in my life.

My sister's got married and it's a little strange to see her as someone "married" !!! To think of that now she has her own home to stay,her own family to take care of,is r..e...a....lly weird,but a happy kind of weird ! And then my blogging is there for me,another new in my life. Some new people that i am meeting daily,and certain old friends that i am revisiting. Must i say that this spring had brought some new bloom to my life too!

I am happy reading,writing,doing my job(though i dont have much work to do,but hey no complains there,because that leaves me with enough time to do stuff of my own). Another 'new' is people taking out time and reading ( and i mean a..c..tually reading what i write!) So much for what i thought of....'aww who would be ever interested in reading my tell-tales ! '

On self perceptive front i am discovering a whole new universe about 'me' !!! I found out that how much i like watching paintings and pictures,this fact is proved by my fetish for all the art pages that i have liked and visit(read spend hours surfing) regularly on fb and blogger! And though i may not be able to paint well,as yet,or i may not understand everything about the intricacy of art-world but i sure have developed a knack to spot the good ones ! Which is a pretty shocking revelation for me .

Just a couple of days back i happened to land on a website of a young indian teenage girl who stays abroad now,probably US i believe,though can't recollect any book written by her or anything but she seemed to be quite a famous blogger of sorts,400+ followers and likes! One particular post with 138 comments(!) grabbed my eyeballs,turns out to be a poetry in hindi. It was unbelievably horrendous! Murderous attempt at hindi or for that matter of sake,writing. She should be banned from writing in my opinion,not applauded! But that i guess is the norm,rat-race...like what everyone else is liking. Do not try to fetch a mind of your own,and if you happen to have one,don't dare use it.

Well my maladies...my bad. Moving on to my topic of 'new' i joined a new gym today,not that there was anything bad with the old one,but yet again my knack for doing something new,is making me go insane And i am onto a new diet plan,hopefully would be able to lose a tyre or two there. While at it,i am quite confident of my body,i dont hate it inspite of being plump,but i just want to reinvent myself.  
If out there is someone who is mentally tormented or unhappy about his/her body type/image please do visit this site : http://fatandtheivy.tumblr.com/ . My advice: Do whatever it takes to make you happy,because if you march out to please others,you would never win that battle. And by others i mean family,friends,spouse/partner,Bf/Gf, e..v...e....rybody else.

I find myself in a happy place today..now...in this moment. Wish that's the case with each and one of you too. ciao. 


The Unknowngnome said...

Well thank you Doctor for following on to my little page. I'm glad you did, for having stopped by here in return and having just read this post I have to follow on to you, for your fifth paragraph here states my mind set, that some:

"should be banned from writing in my opinion,not applauded! But that i guess is the norm, rat-race...like what everyone else is liking. Do not try to fetch a mind of your own, and if you happen to have one, don't dare use it."


Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

please your page isn't little by any means sir ! It has one of the most beautiful compilation of songs and poetry !!! My pleasure to read it :)


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