"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Stalker

Hidden behind the trees,it peers at me
like a long lost friend...it stares.
Round misty eyes of compassion
with the look that says 'i know what you are walking through there'

I hasten on my path and try well to ignore it
whatever it is that stares
I quicken my steps with darting looks behind me
and pretend it isn't there
I curse it now under my breath
but look guiltily towards it too
For it was not it's fault
t'was me who had been wrong and foolish ever, through n through.

There had been many laughs
and smiles too....back then.
Shy glances of twinkling eyes
with a pink heart within.
All that times the voice in you says
'Stop' and turn back
But then o' so beautiful bliss of young love!
Dove'y eyes with long lashes
gaze at someone with racing heart

But it's not long before ,that the twinkle is gone
and you are nothing but a wilted self

All this i hear it whispering behind me
And i wonder why i look back and see!
For they say what is left behind is not to be sifted
Life's ahead
and there sure is hope
My feet but strayed but with eyes of love.

I just gaze ahead,and walk
one mindless step in front of the other
but am aware of it walking behind me too!
Don't want to hate it,no more
nor want to feel sorry.
All i wish is to someday see it eye in eye
and just feel that it's part of me too.


Andy said...

For a first effort thats pretty neat.. And whats more the first "POEM"" i read from start to finish without getting the feeling that i am just reading a lot of words strung together to rhyme or maybe not to rhyme ... :P

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

hey thanks andy :)
and yeah i am not much fussy about rhyming!
If it comes naturally it's ok,otherwise well i just write what i think i should.
Who said i want it to be pretty!!! N'ah just want it to be exactly how i feel.

Vicky Dada (Vikas) said...

There is somethng that stalks me too.. something dark and scary. Sometimes it appears small in size and easy to beat, but sometimes its so tall, that I sweat like anything. The only way to escape for it, is to hide in the darkness.. but then isn't the darkness full of it already?

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

yeah that's what i wrote about
thanks vicky for understanding me yet again :)

Grace said...

First let me figure out as to how to comment :) (wink wink) :)
High Hopes and good wishes for u on ur now a little belated though ever joyful "birth"day and FOREVER N EVER!!
i crafted a response to ur poem and lost it in sending:( thats y this talk of figuring out how to publish my response.... i lost my response in selecting profile option and then i didnt have the time nor the inclination ....
but i did want to call out HAPPY BIRTHDAY and called u as well... but there was no answer
looking forward to ur response :) lots of love and loads n loads of best wishes... ever ur Guddu di

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

heyy di i am terribly,horribly and incredibly sorry for not being able to receive your call or call u back ! you know that time i was upto my toe-nail engrossed in a patient,kind of surgery you could say,and that too unplanned ! you know they are always a little bit more tougher,if i hav'nt given a prior appointment. And then well i won't give an excuse but you know how b'day is a sucker,phone keeps ringing and then we all had to leave for dinner. so it totally went out of my mind that i had to call you back :( sorry :(

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

oh yea but you HAVE to write a reply again regarding the poem. please dont break my heart :( i just want to polish my writing and who better than you to give me tips !!!

Grace said...

Its not easy to interpret poetry exactly the way the poet/ess intends it but one can always feel poetry more than one can feel prose! i quite like the subtleties and ambiguities that poems hold ...it can be irritating too because of the elusive nature of their meanings but on the other hand when they get beautiful they are just awesome :):)...i have just been through the archives and must say that i m discovering u .... meeting u ....:)
u r very good ...:) in this reply of urs i really like the way u finish "Who said i want it to be pretty!!! N'ah just want it to be exactly how i feel."
i thought ur poem was profound as r ur other writings...
of late i was intensely inspired to blog as well !:) maybe we can share with each other whatever
i have somehow missed u so far ...but i hope to catch u now more often ...and i always want u to know that u, more than anyone else at ur end, are very special to me because u have given me ur time and ur precious moments full of ur rich self and enriched my life in some ways ....:)more than others have ... u may not have realised ... but i appreciate and care and always will... v stay connected at levels both with and also without choice ...:) and thank God for this!!!! Take good care , best wishes n lots of love to u

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

thanks di,if u could see me right now,you would actually know how highly i think of you. I know not many people have known the real me,not even in my family. Writing is the only way i can bring out things that i could never say out. Thanks for being kind with my writings and taking out time to read and to get to know me. I look forward to spending many many more special moments with you :)


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