"Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its root into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write." Rainier Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mind your language Mister

I am Fat.

And i am not ashamed of it,not any more. My friends might call me 'Cute Fat' 'Puppy Fat' or 'Pretty Plump' but its ok i know that's only to keep my heart! I have no idea though why and how could i have ever been ashamed of it in the first place !

Atlast i have decided that 2 things have to be done now:
1.Stop feeling as if i am second to anyone
2.Give some of the shitty people a piece of my mind

What's with the Indians and the flab anyway! I mean it's another thing being obese and hence at risk to health issues,there too i try and keep me fit as much as i can,but it's totally another thing to let people laugh at your expense ! C'mmon guys its outright repulsive.

I might be so much better than you in so many other things but i don't go about rubbing that in your face ! So why should you ?
And then again how does being a few kilos lighter makes you any better !!!

I consider myself pretty. I look good as and when i want to. I can dress up for the occasions too! And get handful of compliments too, in spite of having a tyre or two!

I am sick and tired of parents feeding this bullshit to their daughters right from the childhood that if they get plumpy they would turn into laughing stock for people and that it would be difficult to find a suitable match for her later. What loads of CRAP! How does my finding my soulmate relate to my Body-fat! If and when i come across such apprehensive parents i just advice them not to ridicule their kid but instead encourage them to participate in certain activities like swimming,sports,dance or anything that would help the child become physically fit and would also contribute to personality development that helps boost up confidence and self-respect.
Speaking of families i am also sick of husbands who do not respect their wives and sneer at them and are too insensitive about her feelings.Damn those two-faced bastards,you expect your wives to take care of kids,keep your house clean and serve you hot meals then why can't you be a little appreciative of all the efforts she puts in for you! In return of all her love and care at least be a little kind to her! Is that too much to ask from your oh-so-fucked up-fat-ego!

And please please it is so revolting to see physical humor and mockery on tv and in movies! Our generation is well aware of all those 'tuntun jokes'! But just grow up and beyond these guys.My proud moment was seeing 'The Dirty Picture' and a proud,blunt,curvy and sensuous vidya balan with her devil-may-care attitude flaunting her ample figure on screen :) Bud did we take home anything more than that!We just whistled and got an eyeful of vidya on big screen!

Why does our being plump,bald or dark place us at the receiving end of these butt jokes!
I stopped using fairness creams 10 years back! I don't think being fair increases my chance of being a better person! Rather it's more important to be kind and respect others for their work and attitude.Being beautiful has got nothing to do with curvy figure,fair skin or stylish hair

Being fat does not make us cripple or handicap,it just means that we are facing certain health issues that you are lucky enough to not confront! Infact i find that sneering crowd emotionally challenged! Right from the uncle-auntys who give me strange looks while jogging in the park to anybody who thinks he can laugh at my expense and get away with it!

I am not uptight,i have fun with my friends over my 'weighty' issues :P With my family i manage a laugh everytime with some silly remarks on myself,but again it's just with them! Mister if you are not my family or my friend then behave yourselves and mind your words.

Because i am ready to fight back.


Vicky Dada (Vikas) said...

So you took all those people seriously? or is it your self talking on behalf of those people? What does FAT mean? whenever i person is called FAT, I thought it meant Fair And Tidy (F.A.T). Did you think it was something else?

And as regards the size of the body, my take is this: a person body size is equivalent to the amount of happiness within the person. Happiness is like gas that inflates a balloon. When you are get too happy from inside, you can't help but get blown up. No wonder, I am getting thinner and thinner by the day :(

Dr Mandeep Khanuja said...

Oh it's too bad really you dont want to be overweight,believe me,actually the incident behind this blog was,a guy from my gym(u know just cordial hi-hello types) he posted a picture on my fb wall! of a bride n groom,bride was obese and the groom hardly 20kg! i got offended but instead of deleting the pic and pretending that it never happened(which i would have usually done)i complemented the couple and den asked him for an apology!
He should be ashamed of himself,he has a daughter too!What if she is made fun of her appearance tomorrow in any way! Then how would that sicko feel!


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